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We know how critical docketing can be to every IP organization.  Maintaining the quality and integrity of your intellectual property data is priority-one here at G&E.  We carry a vast knowledge base for many different docketing systems. We are able to work closely with your team to effectively manage and monitor matters on your docket so that you feel fully supported and aware of what is coming due.

Our experience allows us to provide you with reliable and accurate docketing with your IP matters.  Our docketing services can help you in the following ways:

  • Daily review and management of correspondence received from U.S., International Bureau, and Foreign Patent & Trademark Offices

  • Forward incoming correspondences to assigned attorney and staff

  • Track patent and trademark prosecution due dates in docketing systems

  • Clear completed prosecution dates in docketing systems

  • Audit docketing completed by internal office docketing specialists for accuracy

  • Prepare daily/weekly/monthly docket reports tailored to fit you and your office needs

  • Communicate with patent and trademark offices, attorneys, foreign associates and staff members regarding all aspects of patent and trademark prosecution

  • Adhoc docket projects

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