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Patent Services

Our virtual services are set up to provide you with support identical to that of an in-house paralegal. We pride ourselves on being able to collaborate seamlessly within your IP team. It is as if we were sitting right outside your office!

Once we are securely set up with access to docketing systems, and/or document management system, we are up and running. Being integrated into your systems will allow for consistency in how you maintain your IP portfolio and business processes. We need only guidance on your workflows and preferences.


We have experience with U.S., PCT and foreign patent prosecution which includes, but is not limited to:

  • U.S./PCT/IB Application Filing Document Preparation and Electronic Filing

  • Preparation and transmittal of National Stage filing instructions with associated international application documents

  • Prepare and proof IP related documents and forms

  • Prepare responses to U.S./PCT/IB formalities communications

  • Prepare/Transmit/File Oaths/Declarations

  • Prepare/Transmit/Record Assignments

  • Draft Office Action templates and file completed responses electronically

  • Conduct case reviews for preparation and filing of Information Disclosure Statements

  • Draft/transmit routine correspondences for in-house attorneys/agents, outside council, foreign associates and clients

  • Maintain and prioritize work on a daily basis and communicate upcoming deadlines/issues

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