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Why Choose
G&E Intellectual Property
Paralegal Services?

Reason #1

There is no reason not to hire us!

The team at G&E have years of experience with all things IP. We are professional, dedicated and knowledgeable paralegals in this unique area of law.  We work hard to get the job done and to get it done right. 

The team has experience in both large and small law firms, as well as corporate law environments. With a solid foundation in many different IP environments and a skill set that vast, you can count on G&E.

Reason #2

We can start today!

We are easily accessible and responsive. Our operation and onboarding procedures allow for us to start work for you immediately.  

Reason #3

Only pay for what you need!

We work when you need us.  Unlike paralegals hired in firms/companies, you only pay us for the time you need us.  That means no overhead, no vacations, no sick time, no 401K matching, no insurance, no paid breaks.  Plus, we do not charge matter management fees.

Reason #4

We work remotely and chances are we are already trained in the systems you already use! 

That means, we work with many systems and to name a few: USPTO EFS-Web/Patent Center; TEAS/TESS; ePCT/WIPO; PCT-Safe; Computer Packages, Inc. (CPi); Foundation IP; Ipendo; Anaqua; FlexTrac IP; CPA Global Docketing Management System; AppColl; PATTSY; MDC-IP Management System; Memotech; First to File; DropBox; Worldox; OneDrive; GoogleDrive; Box; Sync; Juris; Serengeti; BillQuick.... 

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